It consists in adding more pure solvent to a given solution.

The mass of a solution after being diluted remains unchanged, but its concentration and volume change. As the volume increases, the concentration decreases. See the formula:

M1 = molarity of solution 1
M2 = molarity of solution 2
V1 = volume of solution 1
V2 = volume of solution 2

For this formula, always M1 and V1 are more concentrated and M2 and V2 are more diluted.

A chemist wants to prepare 1500mL of a 1.4mol / L hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution by diluting a 2.8mol / L solution of the same acid. How much solution was in the first solution to be diluted? Dice:


Note that the volume units were kept in mL. If one of the units is different, it must be transformed to liters.