Daily Chemistry


- Hydrogen Oxide (H2O) - It is water, the most important and fundamental substance on the planet. It can be found in liquid, solid and gaseous state.

In nature it is in the form of rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, glaciers and living things.


- Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - It is known as hydrogen peroxide, which serves to lighten hair, fibers and papers. It also serves as a bactericidal agent, which can be placed on top of disinfectant wounds, preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

- Zinc Oxide (ZnO) - Used as sunscreen and also in clown face paintings.

- carbon dioxide (CO2) - It is carbon dioxide, widely used in soft drinks. In the solid state is the well-known dry ice, which is the smoke produced at parties and shows.


- Calcium Oxide (CaO) - Used in civil construction in the manufacture of cement, brick, ceramics. It is known as virgin lime or quicklime.