Linus Pauling and Vitamin C

The American chemist Linus Carl Pauling was an important scientist and obtained during his career two Nobel Prizes.

In 1954, he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discoveries in the field of chemical bonds. This work was very useful for describing the structure and shape of atoms and complex molecules of living tissues.

In 1962, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against the proliferation of atomic weapons. Vitamin C was discovered in 192 by another scientist, but it was Pauling who discovered the importance of this vitamin in treating influenza.

At the age of 41, she discovered a kidney disease, Bright's Disease. It was considered an incurable disease at the time. He was treated by a doctor who indicated higher intake of vitamins and minerals and low intake of salt and protein.

In his research, he investigated the action of enzymes and realized that vitamins could have biochemical effects on the body. In 1968, Linus pauling published an article on orthomolecular psychiatry. His ideas were not accepted.

Another scientist put forward the thesis that high-dose vitamin C diseases could be cured. So Pauling started taking several grams of vitamin C to prevent colds. She studied a lot about it: "Vitamins and the common cold."

Orange and Kiwi: Fruits that contain Vitamin C.

He worked with an oncologist to study the relationship of vitamin C with cancer. They have published many articles together. It was still heavily criticized by the polls.

Developed high-dose vitamin C diets as a complementary cancer treatment. The idea was to use the vitamin for a long time to prevent various diseases.

Founded an Institute to continue research on vitamin C. He studied in his later years about the action of vitamin in some diseases.

He died at 93 in 1994.

Since 1966, Pauling had been taking 18g of vitamin C every day, and in 1991 when he discovered cancer, he supported the thesis that vitamin C was the one that delayed the onset of the disease by at least 20 years. Meanwhile, everyone thought he had cancer, precisely because he was taking high doses of vitamin C.