Dictionary - D

  • offset: Action or effect of moving. Removal, moving of a place.
  • diagram: Graphical representation of certain facts, phenomena or scientific, social, economic or mechanical relations, through geometric figures (points, lines, areas, etc.); Graphic scheme.
  • diameter: Straight line passing through the center of a circle, ending on either side at the circumference or periphery, and thus dividing it into two equal parts. Transverse dimension. Sphere axis.
  • tuning fork: Small steel instrument that gives a constant note and serves to measure the voices and musical instruments. Note fixed by the instrument described above.
  • diffraction: Modification of light rays when passing through the edges of an opaque body, or through a narrow slit, or when reflected from a glass or metal surface with thin parallel lines, resulting in their deflection and the formation of a series light and dark bands, prismatic colors or spectra. Similar modification of other waves, such as sound or dielectric waves, that occurs when the full front of the wave is not brought into focus or used, resulting in the wave bending around the object in its path.
  • dimension: Extension in any sense; Size, measure, volume. Each of the three extensions (length, width and height) that are considered in Euclidean geometry.
  • dynamic: Concerning the dynamics, the movement, the force.
  • divergent: That moves or extends in different directions from a common point; progressively moves away from each other from a common starting point. It does not combine; disagrees.