Physics History

From the dawn of humanity, man has tried to understand nature, its destiny, and the usefulness of everything in it.

The Greeks were the first to come up with a concrete theory on this subject that so interested the great thinkers of the time. Today, physics, or natural philosophy as it was called, is in everyone's interest and is present in just about everything around us.

Learn a little about the long history of this science over time

For a long time, it was believed that laws governing nature were associated only with the earth and its surroundings, and that nothing that could not be seen with the naked eye could be governed by the law of macroscopic mechanics, for example.

Today such thinking is demystified, although many of the laws of so-called classical physics are not valid for the particularities of modern physics.

Some of the many steps taken toward knowledge of nature and these particularities are grounded in the great discoveries of numerous scholars. Follow some of them:

The discovery of radioactivity

The emergence of television

The history of electricity

The discovery of x-rays