Physical state changes

Changes in physical states of matter are: fusion, vaporization, condensation, solidification and sublimation.

In water, the most common transformations are fusion, vaporization, condensation and solidification. Following is the explanation of each one.


Change from solid state to liquid. When the ice melts this transformation happens.


Change from liquid to gaseous state. There are three types of vaporization: evaporation, which is a slower transformation; boiling, which is faster vaporization, is the moment when water boils; heating, which is a very fast change, for example when we splash water on a hot plate.


Change from liquid to solid state. For example, when we put liquid water in the freezer to form ice.

Condensation or Liquefaction

Change from gaseous to liquid state. When water reaches the lid of a cooking pan, this steam loses heat and turns into liquid. The same is true with clouds. When the droplets come together they form the rains.


Change from gaseous to solid state or from solid to gaseous state. In mothball this change happens. In water is not very common.